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Coast Clever

Coast Clever

No matter how strong or fast you are, no one is a match for the coast. Just ask Akinfenwa…

HM Coastguard is called to around 36,000 incidents each year – with peak times happening in the summer, bank holidays and half term time. Of the incidents we see, thousands happen along the clifftops and cliff bases. This is often caused by slips, trips and falls or where people have been cut off by the tide. Our Coast Clever campaign aims to caution people about coastal risks, especially mud, tides and cliffs.

We aim to show that no matter how strong or fast you are, no one is a match for the coast. Our Coast Clever campaign aims to communicate coastal dangers to everyone, but especially to those who are more likely to be involved in accidents at the coast.

Adebayo “The Beast” Akinfenwa, professional footballer and presenter, said:

“I’m known as football’s strongest man, but sometimes being the strongest isn’t enough. Out on the UK coast, it’s about being prepared and careful. We all love a bit of a chill time by the coast, but I want to encourage people to be safe out there. The coast can tackle even the strongest opponent – take it from ‘The Beast’".

Why is checking tide times so important?

Incoming tides don’t just come in from out at sea – they can also sneak up behind you and cut off your exit route, leaving you stranded and in danger. By knowing when it’s high and low tide, you can make sure you’ll get back in plenty of time without putting yourself at risk.

How can I tell if cliffs are stable?

Cliffs are often more unstable than they look, and rockslides or cliff falls can happen at any time. Stay safe, keep well back from cliff edges and a good distance from the bases of cliffs.

Why mud?

Along the coast, mud or quicksand often just looks like wet sand and can easily be mistaken. Never cross mud or quicksand as a shortcut – you can easily get stuck. Combine a sticky situation with an incoming tide, and the results could be disastrous… If you do get stuck in mud, stay still, lean back and spread your weight. 

Footballer Adebayo Akinfenwa stands on a beach, holding an ice cream.


Remember these top tips:

  • Check the tide times before you head out
  • Stay clear of cliff edges and bases
  • Look for signage to avoid mud
  • Take a fully charged mobile with you
Planning a trip to the beach?
Ways to be coast clever

All that's left to do is stay coast clever and enjoy your visit, wherever you're heading and atwhatever time of year.

In an emergency along the coast, always call 999 and ask for the Coastguard.

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